Commstech has 25 years experience in network system development and 12 years experience in the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) industry. Commstech is an established payment and collection solutions company, dedicated to provide a safe and secure platform for creating financial transactions. Because we understand the payment industry, our EFT software is extremely efficient. Commstech provides simple, easy to use software that accomplishes complex tasks. Our software is easily adaptable to include new components to keep our clients at the competitive edge of their markets. We provide efficient support to our clients with short turnaround times. We can provide demonstrations to clients at their offices or remote demonstrations can be arranged using the Internet for clients across the world.

(ColPay) Debit orders and payments

The ColPay system interfaces with the banks, bureaus or financial service providers. It performs electronic fund transfers in the form of collections or payments. ColPay has a single platform used for collections, payments, verification and reporting. Our software can run basically on any size Microsoft Windows system supporting .NET. The size requirements of the system are dependent on the data it would need to process. Dynamic reports can be generated at any time from any work station to keep the client informed of the status of his business. Our solutions are custom crafted to the needs of your business, creating efficiencies which ultimately translate to cost savings.

System development and integration

Commstech can do system development and integration when requested, to ensure the system fits the client’s specific needs. Call Centre, Sales Services and Telecommunications as well as Insurance Services have been successfully integrated into the ColPay System.