Commstech's personnel have vast experience in banking systems and have assisted in the development of systems currently running at the bigger and smaller banks of South Africa and Namibia. Commstech has vast experience in communication systems. Commstech cares about establishing solid and long term relationships with its clients. Customer care and technical support are not afterthoughts; rather, this is how we lead. We believe Customer Care is the crucial element in giving true value Our current clients’ systems serve more than 200 000 customers and interface seamlessly, reliably and efficiently to multiple financial institutions. Due to our price tiering structures we can serve corporate, large, medium and small businesses. Our mission is to develop and strengthen relationships in the financial sector, allowing us to earn the opportunity to deliver unparalleled services and products to our clients. Our core values include integrity, excellence, respect and simplicity but effectiveness. We strive to be a company that: • Is respected in the financial sector for its knowledge and technology • Offers integrity and security • Is focused on its clients • Is known by its values